Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back... from Pride Fest!!

I am soooo sorry for being such a horrible blogger. Commitment is obviously not my thing. But huzzah! Here I am! Take me back!! 
These past few weeks have been crazy. I'm not using that as an excuse... okay, actually I am. I've been really busy with all my nursing classes and I'm learning guitar and I'm trying to become a professional hackey-sacker and I've discovered my new favorite band and I've been making travel plans and I've been taking pictures of my cat while he sleeps... aaaaall very important things. 

Last weekend my best (straight) girl friend and I drove 2 hours north of the city to go to Pride Fest! I was expecting maybe 20 or 30 flannel wearin', ax-weildin' lesbians (I live in the north, people). I was pleasantly surprised. We stepped out of the car and to my amazement... there were hot girls! Everywhere! Live and in the flesh! In the middle of nowhere! And I even got checked out a few times! 

When I got home my parents asked me why I had driven 2 hours to go to a Pride Fest. I responded "....wouldn't you?"

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