Thursday, August 6, 2009

Or you could, you know, just get married to a gay man


While browsing the interwebs tonight, I came across this website. To say the least, I am... stunned. But luckily for you, not speechless.  

Gay-Lesbian Matchmaking? That's right. Gay-Lesbian Matchmaking. Gays and lesbians dating. Gays and lesbians getting married. To each other. 

Why, you might ask? The website flashes a banner reading "We don't choose to be gay. Some people choose to live with it. Some people choose to fight. But most of them had failed. Only few had succeeded. Do we really stand a chance to change? Can we really reverse our sexual orientation? YES." 

This is more offensive to me than a man in a Santa Claus suit beating Jesus with a sack of narcoleptic kittens. Live with it? Fight it? What about embracing it? Homosexuality is not a choice, neither is it a disease. The website's objective reads "this website is created, to serve as a match-making platform for a homosexual to find another homosexual OF OPPOSITE GENDER, for them to get to know each, before deciding to get married.... [You may] work together to develop enough attraction towards different gender (by learning thru each other), until you can both simply ignore your same-sex attraction without any challenge...."

WHAT?! Besides the plethora of syntax mistakes, the idea is ridiculous. The objective implies that a gay person's attraction to someone of the same sex is purely sexual. 

I'm not going to lie, 9 times out of 10 my interest in a woman is sparked by the curve of her hips, the color of her eyes or the delicacy of her hands. Once I get to know her, however, everything changes. I fall in love with her jokes, the way she grabs my hand every time she laughs, her passion for the books she reads or the music she listens to. Nothing about those things is sexual. It's a deeper attraction; it's an emotional attraction. 

I'm going to go ahead and be super cheesy by quoting Shane from the L Word, just because I love her: "Sexuality is fluid. Whether you're gay or you're straight or you're bisexual, you just go with the flow." 

Amen sister. Amen. 

If any of you have used, if you disagree with me, if you agree with me... I'd love to hear about it. I promise to be respectful; my never-ending rant is almost over. This is the happy couple on the website's homepage. For the record, I would sleep with her in about 2 seconds.

In other news, the coming out group I called yesterday called me back today and said they're working on setting up dates and times for meetings. There are 9 women interested so far and we would meet once a week for 2 hours for 8 weeks. I'm excited! Sexcited? 

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